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  Linda Noddin  is the owner and chief cake artist of Mainely Wedding Cakes LLC.

 Linda is passionate about wedding cakes and all things cake related. She started her obsession 8 years ago and continues to grow as a cake artist daily. Linda has given thousands of hours to online classes and hands on application. She completed the Green Ladle Culinary Arts School course on proper food handling, preparing, and fundamental baking skills. Linda and her team will fashion your dreams into a beautiful work of cake art. She takes immense pride in every detail to make your special day the best it can be.


  Millie Noddin  is our cake designer and artistic consultant at Mainely Wedding Cakes LLC.

  Millie has been an artist using primarily oil and watercolor paints for many years.  She now uses cake as her canvas to create beautiful works of art. Millie has worked with Linda for 6 years and together they have a similar creative vision to fashion unforgettable moments through cake design.


Mainely Wedding Cakes    Linda Noddin  

10 Alora St,  Lisbon Falls, ME  


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